Why Asphalt Pavement Breaks Down: 4 Reasons

Why Asphalt Pavement Breaks Down: 4 Reasons

Asphalt is perhaps the most preferred paving material for driveways, parking lots, and roads. It is made from a mixture of sand, water, and asphalt cement (or bitumen) heated until they turn into liquid. This process allows the asphalt to take on the required shape for its use in construction. Over time though, asphalt pavement can deteriorate due to several reasons.

Why do asphalt pavements break down? What causes this breakdown? This blog post answers these questions as we go over the four main contributors to asphalt pavement failure.

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1) Traffic Load

The most common cause of asphalt pavement deterioration is heavy vehicular traffic. The heavy vehicle load puts pressure on the surface, which causes cracks in the asphalt pavement due to a lack of support. You can either install an underlayment or correct uneven spots with hot mix asphalt patches to address this problem.

2) Climate Conditions

Climate plays a significant role in asphalt pavement failure. One of the main contributing factors is freeze and thaw cycles, which cause cracks in small areas within a crumbling section.

The seasonal variations, extreme cold during the winter, and heat and humidity during the summer play a massive role in asphalt pavement deterioration. Excessive rainfall can also leave behind severe damage, as your pavement’s drainage system comes under intense pressure.

3) Drainage

Poor drainage is another reason why asphalt pavement deteriorates. When water builds up on pavement sections, it causes potholes and other types of deterioration over time due to prolonged contact with moisture. This happens most often when there isn’t enough of a slope towards the road edges or water is allowed to accumulate for too long.

The best way to avoid poor drainage issues during installation is to install asphalt pavement with perforations that allow for the passage of liquids and use any other highly porous materials such as stone dust or open-graded cement concrete to help prevent puddles from forming. This will ensure your pavement remains dry during wet conditions.

4) Poor Maintenance

Property owners who don’t maintain their asphalt pavement regularly are at risk of developing problems due to water pooling or ice formation on the pavement surface. This is because they aren’t taking measures to fix cracks when necessary, leading to further damage in the future.

Property owners should be proactive about routine maintenance so they don’t have to deal with extensive repair costs.

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