Should You Resurface Your Asphalt Surface This Summer Season?

Should You Resurface Your Asphalt Surface This Summer Season?

Summer can be a tough season for your asphalt pavement. Asphalt surfaces can heat up quickly under the sun’s intense heat, which can cause them to become soft and stick to the feet of people walking on it or to the tires of the vehicles. By resurfacing your asphalt this summer season, not only will your property be safer but more comfortable for all those who visit as well!

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No Worries of Inclement Weather

While the asphalt is cooling, summer provides enough heat for the asphalt mixture to harden without being compromised by rain. Rain can cool the pavement, making it difficult to properly bond with other substances. Before application of asphalt, you should check the weather forecasts in case any rainy or harsh weather is on the way which could compromise the results.

More Stability Due to Better Weather

The ideal weather conditions during the summer season and the consistently warm temperature make it the perfect time to resurface the asphalt pavement because the pavement will be suitable for applying new asphalt. This will provide more stability to your pavement because it’s essential that you resurface before winter weather hits and potentially damages your asphalt.

Saves Money + Looks Good for Years to Come

Paving during the summer season increases the overall pavement durability. The increased durability means you need fewer repairs and upkeep over time; thus, you save valuable money! We all know how repairs and maintenance costs keep rising each year. This is avoidable by choosing the right time for pavement resurfacing.

Fewer Chances of Issues with the Paving Material

The warmer air temperatures in the summer help keep the asphalt mixture’s temperature stable. However, the opposite is true for the winter season; colder temperatures make it extremely difficult for asphalt to retain its shape affecting the installation time.

The overall installation time and the material quality are a few of the main factors influencing pavement performance initially. Paving during the summer seasons means you will avoid all such problems.

More Daytime Hours to Work

Summer also has another significant benefit for contractors – light lasts longer. Daylight hours are much longer in summer, meaning there is more time to work without incurring added charges for working during odd hours. This makes summer an excellent time for contractors to complete the project more quickly.

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