Pavement Cracks: What You Can Expect During The Winter Season

Pavement Cracks: What You Can Expect During The Winter Season

Pavement cracks are a common sight during winter. These tiny fissures in the pavement surface appear due to water seeping beneath the asphalt and then freezing, which causes it to expand. This blog post will discuss the different pavement cracks you can expect during the winter. From expansion joints to frost heaves, a lot is going on below your feet!

1) Longitudinal Cracks

An unkempt pavement during the winter season has a high chance of developing longitudinal cracks. These are the most common pavement cracks you can expect during winter. The expansion and contraction of water trapped beneath the surface will cause longitudinal cracks to appear on your asphalt or concrete roadways.

Longitudinal cracks tend to spread with time, so you should repair them as soon as possible before they worsen into something more severe like potholes.

2) Potholes

As mentioned above, potholes develop if you don’t take immediate action against minor cracks. Water in your road will freeze and expand during the winter season when the temperature rises. This can cause the asphalt or concrete layers to tear apart, creating a pothole where the pavement material breaks apart.

If you do not take care of cracked pavement fast enough, then potholes may form—which require even bigger and expensive fixes than simple repaving would have done originally. Taking action quickly against minor damages allows property owners to save money.

3) Slippage Cracks 

Slippage cracks are the result of a foundation shifting. This type of crack often has a zig-zag pattern and can be up to an inch in size. If you have slippage cracks on your pavement in Lansdale, you should immediately call a professional paving company like Deluxe Blacktop Paving Contractor.

When water freezes inside pavement cracks, the expanding ice causes damage as the base weakens and the surface deteriorates, causing slippage cracks.

Why is Winter Dangerous for your Pavement 

The winter season is a tough time for pavement. The harsh conditions, the cold and dry weather followed by snowstorms, wreaks havoc on a poorly maintained pavement.

When the weather is too harsh, cracks can increase, and pavement thins as it wears down. – It’s not just water that freezes in your cracks during winter but other liquids also, such as oil from cars or salt from ice melt which further reduces the strength of your pavement. When you use anti-skid agents on your roads, they also seep into these cracks causing a hazardous environment for drivers to navigate through.

Winter conditions will cause asphalt to expand and contract at different rates than usual, making them more susceptible to damage because of their inability to adjust accordingly. The fluctuation between extreme coldness and warm spells makes pavement develop potholes, especially when combined with heavy traffic like those seen on a commercial parking lot during the holidays.

The only way to avoid a complete pavement disaster during the winter season is by preparing your surface well in advance. Deluxe Blacktop Paving Contractor is an experienced asphalt maintenance and repair company that ensures your asphalt surface is ready for the winters in Lansdale. We provide complete asphalt resurfacing and repair services if you want to restore your pavement before winter strikes. Get a free estimate on our service now!