Parking Lot Design Made Easy

Parking Lot Design Made Easy

All parking lot designs start with a parking lot sketch. This is the basic layout of your parking lot, and it serves as a guide for construction. A parking lot design needs to be functional and efficient while considering local zoning requirements and safety requirements. You must get this right from the beginning, or else you will end up paying more for wasted resources after your parking lot is complete.

A parking lot can be designed in many different ways, and it all depends on what your parking needs are. Parking lots come in various shapes and sizes depending on whether they are located at an airport, shopping mall, or professional office building.

The parking lot design process varies based on the size of your parking area, but here are some things to consider when designing any parking lot:

Determine the Number of Spaces You Need

It is essential to determine approximately how many spaces you will need in your parking lot. A university parking lot requires a lot more spaces than a parking lot for a small retail store. Make sure your parking lot has enough spaces to accommodate all of the cars that will visit on any given day, including peak days when you could see double or triple the number of visitors.

Determine the Size of Parking Spaces

The parking spaces need to be large enough for cars and trucks. You can use a parking lot design program or parking lot layout software to determine the optimal width of your parking spaces so that they are wide enough but not too big. The ideal size is about 9×19 feet, which allows most vehicles room to maneuver in tight spots.

Guide Drivers with Striping and Markings

Once parking spaces have been determined, striping and markings can be included. This draws a path from where cars should enter to where they will exit. They help determine handicap parking, pedestrian zones, parking for large trucks, buses, or other vehicles with special needs. The parking lot layout should be marked to help drivers stay in their lanes and have a safe path while parking. Markings can also indicate where parking is permitted, prohibited, or restricted.

Provide Good Lighting for Everyone’s Safety

Another parking lot design consideration is the lighting. The lot should be bright enough to see obstacles and people, but not so bright that it creates glare or hampers visibility for drivers entering the parking area at night. Lighting along parking rows (striping) helps drivers maintain their path while parking in dark areas of lots with little natural light. Parking spaces should be well-lit with parking lights, as drivers need to see where they are parking.

Enrich Your Parking Lot with Landscaping Design

The parking lot design process does not have to be a drab affair. Parking lots can add some value and welcome appeal to your property if you choose the correct landscaping elements that suit your needs for parking area utility along with aesthetics.

With a bit of planning, you can make your parking lot in Chalfont more efficient and safer. Contact Deluxe Blacktop Paving Contractor LLC today to get a free estimate for asphalt paving services or new parking lot construction. Parking lots are our specialty!