Emergency Patch-Up Time: Protecting Your Parking Lots In Sub-Zero Season

Emergency Patch-Up Time: Protecting Your Parking Lots In Sub-Zero Season

The riskiest period of the year for asphalt paving projects is during the winter. Asphalt is primarily bitumen & tar, and these substances can thicken and freeze instead of curing in the winter months. Binder adhesion is also affected by the cold, and chips practically fly off the wearing course with the passage of heavy traffic. Warm mix asphalt paving in Warrington, Bucks County, is no longer possible owing to the low temperatures.

However, asphalt paving & repair does happen even when it’s freezing. If a parking lot manager has delayed their asphalt maintenance run too long, cold patch methods are ideal emergency patching techniques. People have reasons for delaying maintenance, but eventually, the need for a spotless blacktop & holiday shoppers will coincide with emergency asphalt repair.

Deluxe Blacktop has been around long enough to recognize an emergency asphalt job, so here are our two cents on the matter!

Cold Patch Asphalt: Temporary but Effective!

Asphalt patching cures best at minimum 50F and above. The curing means that the binder has settled into the aggregate and holds the layers firmly together while filling up the pothole. When it gets too cold, the hot asphalt cools too quickly and solidifies instead of curing. Cold patching involves mixing the bituminous binder and crushed rock and just stamping it into the pothole. The cold mix fares well for winters, but don’t forget to schedule a permanent hot mix patch as summers come.

Cold Pour Crack Sealing: Better as A Winter Seal Coat

Crack repair is conducted in two stages. First, the crack filler is applied, then the sealer. Crack sealers protect the pavement from water intrusion, something that is most damaging in freeze-thaw conditions. Some cracks are small enough to be filled in with a cold pour sealer. Clean the surface thoroughly, heat the cracked sections using a blowtorch, and then spread the cold pour filler with a squeegee. Avoid treading the area for the next 48 hours.

Asphalt Emulsions: Excellent Surfacing Binder

If you have an emergent need for a blacktop for an event at your premises, then emulsions are your best friend. Now, a seal coat is perfect for summers, but when it’s too cold, the hotter and less-viscous version of the seal coat is more practical for cold weather. These emulsions are dispersed at 185F over clean asphalt and form a flawless blacktop that can cure at cold temperatures and have your asphalt looking good as new in emergency surface upgrading.

Resurfacing: Good Winter Traction

Using asphalt emulsion as a surfactant binder, one can easily retexturize their asphalt parking lot to make it through the winters. Another name for this treatment is tar & chip seal, and it is not just affordable but also calls for low maintenance costs. Either way, it is suitable to cover up any minor cracks on your asphalt parking lots.

Deluxe Blacktop Paving Contractor is a well-known asphalt paving contractor in Warrington, PA, with a long history of happy customers and quality services. It’s been cold lately, will get even colder, and we’re sure you’ve been too busy to have your asphalt surfaces adequately repaired. Don’t worry about it; go through our services and call us up with the one that best meets your needs.

Obtain a free quote on our services and change your asphalt parking lot emergency into an issue resolved!