Catch-Me-If-You-Can-Basins: 5 Ways How We Ensure Efficient Parking Lot Drainage!

Catch-Me-If-You-Can-Basins: 5 Ways How We Ensure Efficient Parking Lot Drainage!

Everyone here, especially folks in humid Montgomeryville, PA, know that any asphalt-based paving and running water seldom go hand in hand. We’ve all been there, pulling up to a poorly drained parking lot right before the heavens open up and seeing puddles spread yonder. When this happens, no one is pleased about getting out of their vehicle and walking through puddles.

When constructing parking lots, most people focus on the visual aesthetics of the blacktop rather than the preservation of the surface. Drainage is seen as a necessary downfall of bank balance rather than an opportunity for savings.

If you’re curious as to how an efficient parking lot drainage can up your chances of savings, read on!

Why You Need Efficient Drainage?

The devil is in the details; an efficient parking lot drainage consists of strategically placed catch basins, grates, drain accessories & inlets connected to underground pipes that flow into the main drain or sewer line. This system makes use of gravity to drain the water away from parking spaces. The stormwater hits the catch basins, which pull it towards the grate drains under each parking space. These then direct it down into pipes underground and away from your parking lot. Voila! You have a dry parking lot on your hands!

Just imagine, that’s a lot of repair savings in avoiding pavement failure from water intrusion!

What Makes an Efficient Draining System?

  1. Preparation on the parking lot site should account for the grading of slopes along the curbs for grate installation and drop inlets in the middle of the lots.
  2. Correct compaction of the subgrade and seal coating of the overlaying asphalt ensures a sturdy, water-repelling, and stable flat blacktop that directs surface runoff in the intended direction.
  3. Design considerations should account for the soil drainage in the case of drop inlets that drain directly into the surrounding land. Luckily, the limestone and shale-based soils indigenous to Pennsylvania are well-drained fertile soils.
  4. Catch basins and storm drains require checkups to remove any blockages caused by leaves or debris in the drain water. This is why a capable post-construction maintenance plan should be in place.
  5. A parking lot is only as good as the drains built into it. Opt for good quality materials that last longer with water erosion. Or better yet, opt for professionals that have the foresight of pairing good lots and drains.

The shaley soils of Montgomery County, PA, drain into the Schuylkill River, so we assure you that your parking lots are safe all over the land from severe drainage problems IF you incorporate an efficient drainage system in your parking lots and driveways.

As paving specialists, we at Deluxe Blacktop Paving incorporate a variety of solutions to ensure parking lots are well-drained. Our post-construction services also ensure drain maintenance is convenient and efficient for our clients across Montgomeryville, PA.

With the rains down and the tourist season on the low, now is the perfect time to plan on constructing, repairing, maintaining parking lots or drain upgrades. Drop by our website for a free quote, or by our office at Colmar, hardly two miles from Montgomeryville!