5 Paving Facts Every Property Owner Should Know

5 Paving Facts Every Property Owner Should Know

We all know that asphalt paving is a great way to spruce up and improve the look of your property. This material can provide an excellent solution, whether you need it for your driveway, parking lot, or another area. Knowing more about asphalt pavement and the benefits it offers will help you make better decisions when installing or maintaining it.

Asphalt paving is a cost-effective way to protect your property. If you’re curious about what this process entails, here are five facts every property owner should know:

1) Asphalt is Recyclable 

Did you know that asphalt is recyclable? If the surface begins to deteriorate, it can easily be ground up and used as a new layer. This saves money on materials and ensures your property will always look great.

The lifespan of an asphalt driveway or parking lot is usually 15-20 years when correctly installed by a professional company like Deluxe Blacktop Paving Contractor LLC. It’s important to note that with regular sealcoating (which should occur every three years), asphalt pavements last far longer than other options like concrete or brick pavers.

2) It is Cost-Effective 

Asphalt is also cost-effective. The excellent durability and low maintenance that asphalt offers make it a perfect choice. Asphalt is more affordable than concrete and has a lower installation cost per square foot, which means you can get your property looking great for less! Asphalt paving costs about half as much to install compared with brick pavers.

3) Asphalt Paving is Safe for Drivers and Pedestrians 

You don’t have to worry about safety when you choose asphalt. The surface is stable enough for cars and trucks yet porous enough for water runoff in areas with high rainfall or snowfall! So, no matter where your property is located, choosing asphalt will help protect pedestrians from slips on wet surfaces caused by concrete pavers. Plus, since it does not contain rocks that can be kicked up by tires at highway speeds, asphalt makes a safer road than brick pavers.

4) Asphalt Pavement Projects Take Considerably Less Time to Complete 

Asphalt is a flexible material that users can compact in layers keeping the weight down. On the other hand, paving crews need to pour concrete from scratch each time! And since they need to wait for the material to cure, it requires more time on site.

5) Reduces Traffic Noise

Rubberized asphalt helps reduce traffic noise since it absorbs vibrations and sound waves. On the other hand, concrete pavers don’t do a great job absorbing vibration, so they produce more noise than asphalt pavement.

Asphalt paving is an excellent option for people looking to get the most out of their pavement investment. Asphalt’s longevity and durability are unmatched, hence making it the number one pavement choice in America.

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