3 Ways To Get Scammed On An Asphalt Resurfacing Project

3 Ways To Get Scammed On An Asphalt Resurfacing Project

Clients in a hurry to get their asphalt driveways resurfaced to their former glory are often the first to fall for the charms of a ‘left-over asphalt’ scam. And even sadder is the fact that scammers tend to go for such targets that are susceptible to being swayed by a cheap offer. These scams play out in many ways, and they give the good contracting category a bad name. Your best bet at safety is to know how to keep an eye out for these fraud types.

Hatfield is experiencing the usual winters, so you know that it’s not a great time for asphalt paving. This is the season for cold patches & hot chip emulsions, so treat it as such. The more permanent asphalt treatments are best left for summers after spring repairs.

How The Scam Scenarios Start Out

• Act One:

An extremely charismatic man in contractor overalls shows up at your door and makes an offer depending on the nature of your property. Residential or commercial, you are offered an affordable asphalt resurfacing with the material they have had ‘left-over’ from a neighbor’s job. So, thinking ‘how thoughtful of them’, you agree.

With only words exchanged, they start the resurfacing, and halfway through, they run out of asphalt. At this point, they profusely apologize and agree to sell you cheaper asphalt in advance, shipped over the next day. They pocket the cash and scram!

Churches often fall victim to such scams.

Act Two:

Same cast, except that a new supervising character turns up asking a higher charge with the original contractor nowhere in sight. Afraid of causing a commotion on your street, you probably agree to pay, and the contractor team does a terrible job of paving before leaving you with a raw deal. The fact that there is no written contract also means the ludicrously high price is to be paid.

• Act Three:

In this case, you will have a legitimate paving contractor with all the asphalt they need to pave your driveway the appropriate thickness but will still cut back on quantity to sell the asphalt someplace else. You get a thin pavement, and the contractor plays out the ‘left-over asphalt’ scam on your neighbor.

Sniffing Out the Scam

It’s pretty basic! Before you begin working with asphalt, make sure you insist on a few things.

  • Insist on a written contract with all conditions listed, the costs, the materials, overheads & extra expenses. Then start.
  • Investigate the contractor’s local business and internet presence. Everyone has a website or listing on the internet. A BBB accreditation is more than enough.
  • Inquire about local licenses, operating permits, and portfolios. That’s enough legitimacy to tell whether they can use the strange equipment they brought in tow.
  • Still sniff a rat? Call up the local municipality and confirm if the business exists on their roster. You can even ask for references. Legit contractors won’t hesitate to share their referrals with you.

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