3 Reasons To Abandon Any Winter Paving Plans

3 Reasons To Abandon Any Winter Paving Plans

While it may sound counterintuitive to abandon any winter paving plans, there are many reasons why it may be for the best. Winter can be challenging for paving companies because of the cold weather and the shorter days that make working outside more challenging. There are also safety hazards associated with ice patches that come up unexpectedly. Experienced contractors like Deluxe Blacktop Paving Contractor LLC will also advise against installing pavement in winter unless it is essential.

The following three reasons illustrate why paving should probably not be on your agenda during the winter season!

1) Too Cold to Pave 

Paving requires a lot of physical work, and it can be challenging to complete the job when you are standing outside in below-freezing temperatures. Asphalt needs time and exposure to sunlight to cure correctly, so if you pave in the winter, you will often need to wait a while before your new surface is ready for use.

Plan on paving over ice patches that have developed on your asphalt driveway or road. This can be especially hazardous because these patches do not produce visible warning signs, and they are very slippery when wet. The darker color of the asphalt makes it very difficult for drivers to see any icy areas without risking an accident.

It also takes longer for water to evaporate from newly paved surfaces due to colder weather. Standing puddles can develop into large ice sheets unless treated quickly with salt or sand (damages concrete).

2) Freeze and Thaw Cycles 

If you live in an area where the ground and roads freeze over during cold weather, it is essential to know that freezing and thawing cycles can damage asphalt. If water penetrates below the road or driveway surface, expanding ice crystals will eventually cause small cracks to form beneath your pavement. This leads to larger cracks which cause more disruption for homeowners when they drive their cars across these areas (which could lead to expensive repairs).

3) The Winter Season Can Send your Pavement Investment Down the Drain

Investing in asphalt pavement installation during the winter season can be a bad idea. The repairs and expenses that may follow will leave you scratching your head. The freezing temperatures expose the newly installed pavement to many dangers as moisture finds its way through the cracks and starts forming ice, wreaking havoc on the foundation.

In a nutshell, paving during winter is not worth it. Not only do you risk immediate pavement damage, but the later repairs may cost thousands of dollars! Don’t let yourself fall into this trap and wait until springtime comes around again to kick off your paving project.

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