3 Facts Every Business Should Know About Asphalt Parking Lot Installation

3 Facts Every Business Should Know About Asphalt Parking Lot Installation

Asphalt parking lot installation is a significant investment; therefore, there is little room for error when installing it. Parking lots are essential for commercial properties because they provide a safe and secure place for customers to park their cars and act as a gateway to your business premises, welcoming them along the way. A well-maintained parking lot is a treat for sore eyes and reflects positively on your business, creating an excellent first impression on first-time visitors.

Asphalt parking lot installation is a complicated process that requires professional asphalt contractors like Deluxe Blacktop Paving Contractor LLC, with experience in asphalt paving, mainly commercial parking lots. However, as the owner, you need to play your part to ensure parking lot longevity and durability. This blog post explains three facts that each business owner should know about asphalt parking lot installation in order to make informed decisions.

1) Don’t Forget the Importance of the Sub-base

The top layer of an asphalt parking lot is mainly the center of attention. However, there are several layers below ground level that are overlooked. These layers include gravel and stone with a base layer of clay or sand. If these materials aren’t appropriately laid down during installation, it could present problems later down the line.

The sub-base of your parking lot is as important as the top asphalt layer. There are different types of materials that you could use for this layer. The primary purpose of the sub-base is to provide a means by which water can drain away from underneath while still allowing it to retain strength and other desired properties.

2) Porous or Permeable Asphalt

Asphalt is an incredibly versatile material and has been used for paving parking lots and roads for several decades. There are different types of asphalt; depending on your site, you may want to consider porous or permeable options such as open-graded asphalt surfaces, which allow water to pass through more easily. This means they stay cleaner longer and don’t develop puddles during wet weather conditions so often – this helps if your drainage system isn’t very efficient. These materials also keep maintenance costs down in the long term because they require limited sweeping and shoveling.

3) Choosing the Right Contractor 

Selecting the right contractor is key to a successful asphalt parking lot installation. Make sure you hire one who uses high-quality materials and has experience installing commercial parking lots. Experienced contractors know what local weather conditions are like, affecting how long it takes for an asphalt surface to cure appropriately.

Avoid hiring contractors who offer the lowest prices; instead, you should prioritize contractors with a solid industry reputation.

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