The asphalt jungle might be a metaphor, but for businesses, a well-paved parking lot or driveway is crucial. It’s the first impression for customers and a vital part of your daily operations.  But when it comes to commercial paving, there are tons of questions like:Finalizing newly paved parking lot - Deluxe Blacktop Paving

  • New Installation or Repair? Is it time for a complete overhaul, or can a strategic crack seal and repaving do the trick?
  • Choosing the Right Contractor: How do you navigate the asphalt abyss and find a reliable, experienced company?
  • Understanding the Process: What can you expect from the planning stages all the way to the final roll?
  • Fear not, fellow business adventurer! This blog will be your compass, guiding you through the commercial paving odyssey.

The Asphalt Audit:  New Installation vs. Repair

Not all cracks are created equal.  Minor wear and tear can often be addressed with repairs like crack sealing and asphalt patching.  However, extensive potholes, significant cracking, or poor drainage might signal the need for a complete removal and repaving.

Some signs it’s time for a new installation might be if there are large areas of cracking or crumbling asphalt, pooling water after rain, uneven surfaces, and dips. Asphalt’s lifespan, depending on weather and usage is typically around 15 years so yours may have lived its life.

Charting Your Course:  Selecting a Paving Contractor

A quality contractor is key to a smooth paving experience.  Here are some tips for navigating the selection process.

  • Get Recommendations: Ask fellow business owners and neighbors.
  • Check On-Line Reviews: Check Google Reviews and other sites.
  • Experience Matters: Look for a company with a proven track record in commercial paving.
  • Licensing and Insurance: Ensure the contractor is licensed, bonded, and carries adequate insurance.
  • Communication is Key: Choose a contractor who readily answers your questions and explains the process clearly.

Paving the Way:  What to Expect During the Project

Once you’ve chosen your contractor, the paving adventure begins! Planning and permits may be required. The contractor will assess your needs, obtain necessary permits, and create a detailed plan.

Next comes site preparation. This may involve the removal or milling of old pavement, grading, and drainage work. The new asphalt will then be laid down in multiple layers and compacted for maximum strength. And of course, there are the final touches including painting traffic lines, parking spaces, and installing signage.

Remember that communication is key throughout the project. Don’t hesitate to ask your contractor questions or address any concerns.

By following these tips, your commercial paving project will be a smooth ride, leaving you with a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing asphalt surface for years to come.  Contact the professionals at Deluxe Blacktop Paving now so you can enjoy your newly paved lot or road!