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Driveway Paving - Beautiful Home
Elisha Boswell - Deluxe Blacktop on the beach
Townhome road paving


Do you cater to both residential and commercial clients?

YES! We proudly serve both residential and commercial clients. We can handle any job you have big or small.

How long have you been in business?

Our family owned business has been serving our clients since 1963.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured, licensed, trained and highly experienced.

How long before I can drive on my newly paved driveway?

At least 3 full days and longer in hotter temperatures. Even after blacktop has cured, do not expect it to be as hard as concrete.

When can I stop worrying about tire marks, using jacks and car leaks on my new blacktop?

During the first 6-12 months while your driveway is curing don’t park in the same spot every time. Do not turn your steering wheel back and forth when your car is not moving. Your blacktop will remain pliable for that amount of time.


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